Dr. Antonie Post, born 1982 in Bad Kissingen, is a nutritionist, registered dietitian, speaker and body respect activist. Her specialty is Health at Every Size, intuitive nutrition and the anti-diet movement. From her own many years of dieting experience, she knows how harmful diets are for mind, body and soul. Diets don’t make you slim and healthy, as they promise, but are detrimental for your health and make you gain weight in the long run.

But there is an alternative to dieting, restriction and self-control. It is called Health at Every Size, a medically proven, weight-neutral concept for more health and well-being.

Promoting the health at every size movement in Germany, she gives lectures, writes articles and works as a consultat for individuals and companies who want to turn their backs on diet culture. In January 2020, she launched the Iss doch, was du willst! (German for: Eat whatever you want!) BLOG and in July the Iss doch, was du willst! PODCAST. There she shows ways to improve health directly, without focusing on weight. This includes learning to eat intuitively again, moving with joy and feeling good in your own body.

With her work she creates awareness for the dark side of diet culture and shows ways to free yourself from diet mentality and diet restrictions.

Because every body deserves respect and care, regardless of whether it is fat or thin or whatevery. EVERY body is a good body and EVERY body is worthy of respect.

Dr. Antonie Post studied nutritional sciences at the University of Hohenheim and the University of Guelph (ON, Canada) and made her PhD in food science at the University of Hohenheim. She has been working as a freelance science journalist and medical editor since January 2015 and is trained as a keynote speaker in order to reach an even larger audience with Health at Every Size. In 2021, she became a registered dietitian and has founded her weight inclusive nutrition counseling practice, specializing in chronic metabolic diseases, mainly insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. She lives with her husband, her two kids and her dog near Stuttgart.